Humble Beginnings

Our Success Story

Varsity Tutors had its humble beginnings in 2008 in Cape Town providing tuition support for higher education degrees offered by external providers. It was started by Hartley Dafel and Wilfred Lesch, who were at the time both senior lecturers at the largest private tertiary institution in South Africa. Together they have over 25 years lecturing experience and intimately understand the course materials, requirements and infrastructure of the modules.

The initial courses were presented on Sunday mornings and afternoons, approximately 4 weeks before the final exam with each morning or afternoon session lasting 4 hours. The subjects were at this stage limited to 1st year UNISA accounting (FAC1502 and FAC1601). The courses were priced and structured differently to the traditional private tertiary institutions, which proved to be a winning formula and the key to student satisfaction.

More of our Humble Beginnings

The student numbers grew year on year (mainly through word of mouth) growing from ±20 students to ±150 students (per semester) in the 3½ years. This effectively translated into an annual turnover of 300 students. The pass rates were amazing being as high as 98% with the same in student satisfaction.

The response was overwhelming with students requesting that we offer additional 1st year modules (economics & mathematics) and extend the offering into 2nd and 3rd year modules offering all the traditionally difficult subjects (financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, tax, economics, finance, mathematics and investments).

With this overwhelming demand and student support Hartley and Wilfred took the exciting step and launched Varsity Tutors offering:

  1. Full time tuition

  2. Part time tuition

  3. Booster courses before the final exams

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