Our Vision

Our Vision

We all know that tertiary education is not cheap but a necessity in today’s world.  What do you do if the traditional universities won’t accept you on full time basis and you can’t afford the costs of private education providers? 

Students face the following major problem in tertiary education:

  • If you are able to afford private education, what do you do if you have a full time job?
  • The obvious choice in either case is UNISA because it’s cheaper and offers distance learning which accommodates those employed full time…………..but distance learning in itself presents other challenges.
  • What if I don’t understand a concept – who do I ask?
  • I don’t feel like studying now, I think I will leave it until later i.e. there is no structure.
  • My assignment is due and I haven’t started because I don’t know what to do. I need to submit it to qualify for the exam…………..who can help me?
  • Who can help me structure my studying?
  • Where can I get the suggested solutions to the past exam papers?
  • How do I prepare for the exams?
  • Am I exam ready for the exams?
  • Would it not be better to give up and start again next year?

This is where we step in

We at Varsity Tutors know and understand the concerns mentioned of students and we are here to guide you through your degree from 1st year all the way through to graduation and beyond.

At Varsity Tutors we aim to make superior quality education available at an affordable price.