Student Testimonials

Rochelle May

Hi Mr Lesch. I trust this email finds you well. I really must express my gratitude and heartfelt THANKS to all at Varsity Tutors, in particular, you, Hartley, Mike and Craig for all the help in getting me to the point where I graduated on Friday.
[read more=”Read more ” less=”Read less…”] It really was an amazing and humbling experience that I will never forget.It is only through all your patience, teaching and help that I have managed to pass my Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management Cum Laude and I’m very thankful and appreciative of all your help and support I received from Varsity Tutors that has made me achieved my goal of passing with distinction.

Thanks so much and may Varsity Tutors continue in its success and regards to all.


Jennifer Pritchard

My Experience at Varsity tutors has been an unforgettable one, they are like my family and I know I can always rely on them when I need help. VT always puts you first which is what I love about them and they are extremely caring and reliable.

[read more=”Read more ” less=”Read less…”] I have referred many students to VT as I believe in them and what they do. They have given me the best student experience I could have asked for.[/read]

Natalia Hanekom

Since 2010, up to date of graduation in 2015, the Varsity Tutors, earlier – its founders, played for me a vital role in filling the gap in distance learning via UNISA: by delivering the superb academic support through competent, experienced and
[read more=”Read more ” less=”Read less…”] dedicated tutors, who has an ability to explain
the subject outstandingly well, providing with important tips, highly exam-focused, and equipping with extremely useful summarised notes, which easy to use for studying, review, helping to better understand and remember the prescribed material.
Want to express the special words for Wilfred Lesch, Santino and Joylene: for their unique and amazing approach and methods of tutoring. They gave best classes I ever experienced. I render a great appreciation for their very each class, which saved a lot of my time and effort.
On top of above, I have experienced that the Varsity Tutors is more than just about academic guidance; during the time being with Varsity Tutors I got the necessary support and assistance without delay in its literal meaning. I have witnessed that every student heard and attended, and the needs of students find the solutions.
For sure, the Varsity Tutors made a massive and special contribution to completion of my BCompt with Distinction; it is a solid unit and undivided part of that success. Thank you, Varsity Tutors!!!

Werner Joubert

Varsity Tutors has given me the opportunity to effectively interact with lecturers.
This has been of utmost importance to my personal progress in studying.
Classes have always been conducted in an orderly and professional way.

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My experience, looking back and going forward, I realised how important and of how much help they have been to me. They made studying Bcompt easy.

Yes, you do need self-discipline and determination, but the relevance and reliability of the study material is brilliant! The Booster classes has given me and others the chance to round off on our knowledge learned during the semester.

I will always recommend any student who studies this challenging career to join Varsity Tutors. Above all, their classes are not expensive compared to Universities and other institutions. This has been of great help financially.

Thank you Mr. Lesch for this opportunity.

I’m looking forward to continue my studies at Varsity Tutors.

Karenza Olivier

I have started my journey as a student approximately 5 years ago. In the process my path crossed with Varsity Tutors. I am extremely grateful for the contribution they made and the support they gave me in order to obtain my degree.
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I was a part time student and my experience was that they always would go out of their way to accommodate students in terms of schedules and times. I can recommend them to any student! [/read]

Sharl Wasserfall

My testimony about Varsity Tutors is a very personal one, and one that I am very happy to write about.When I first started studying Bcompt I was extremely afraid as I had come from a completely non accounting related background.
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I didn’t do accounting at school and didn’t understand it at all, I was afraid of Accounting and anything Maths related. I started my degree in the second semester of 2013(not with VT). By the end of that semester I had felt like I had learnt nothing as far as FAC1502 went, which was my prerequisite to moving forward with my degree. For me failure was not an option, with two or three weeks to go before exams I was frantically trying to get hold of anyone who could help.

I found out Varsity Tutors offer these “booster” classes, when I called VT the man who answered the phone(Hartley) could hear the stress in my voice and told me to relax/calm down it would be ok. The best thing I could have done was to attend that booster session. I passed FAC1502 on the first attempt and immediately enrolled with VT every semester thereafter until I Graduated in the first semester of 2016.
I cannot put into words just how grateful I am to Varsity Tutors for being there for me, helping me gain the confidence to work toward my goals.
What has stood out for me is that apart from the excellent lectures which Varsity Tutors offers, they cater to the Individual. The opposite of which is what makes distance learning so scary.

Thank You to the Varsity Tutors Team for all your hard work and efforts, helping to make South Africa better one Graduate after another! [/read]

Louis Ash

In 2015 I failed both of my 2nd year auditing modules which left me with the feeling there was no hope left that I would ever pass auditing. I heard about Varsity Tutors (VT) and their classes which I decided would be my last attempt at auditing.
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I arrived here with low expectations and to my surprise I passed both auditing modules well. From then on I have been with VT they have helped me with my studies by providing a place for me to study that is safe and secure. Thus far I have received 3 distinctions for what some consider being the hardest 3rd year modules (FAC3701, FAC3704 & MAC3701) and I am registered with my final 6 modules now. Mr Lesch and Santino have been there with me to assist in any way they can be it a clash with classes or just here to ask a question after class when I’m confused by something. VT has changed my outlook from an impossible task that I might never get my degree to being one semester away from my degree.
Thank you Mr Lesch and Santino for making this a enjoyable experience.


Mylie Fabre

With the help and guidance of Varsity Tutors I have always been extremely well prepared for my exams and guided in the right direction for my studies.I started attending Varsity Tutors in the first year of my degree and would not have been able to complete my degree
[read more=”Read more ” less=”Read less…”] within 3 years without their lecturing from many amazing lecturers and support from Mr Lesch and Mr Luiz.
I have formed relationships with lecturers and other students, met interesting people, gain copious amounts of knowledge and been taught how to think to be able to solve questions on my own.
I am extremely thankful that I have been able to be a part of Varsity Tutors and look forward to completing CTA with them.


Varsha Patel

I’m was absolutely thrilled to see that my result for FAC1502 was 99%! According to the details on myunisa – I got 100% for the exam and with my year mark of 87.5% – got a final mark of 99% !!!

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I cannot express how amazing it feels to have done so well!
Thank You Wilfred – for your Saturday tutorials and practice questions with solutions.
Thank You Hartley – for the most awesome Booster Course ever!
Like you guys said – you showed me how at the classes – I came home and did the work!
I’m very proud of myself and very grateful to you both for your awesome tutoring !


Kristin Brennan

I am a second year Bcompt student and both Hartley Dafle and Wilfred Lesch have lectured me. Hartley has a very unique style of teaching which breaks complicated modules down easily and lets you get to grips with the concepts behind the work,
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making it possible to understand more intricate questions. My marks improved drastically due to his style of lecturing as well as the passion he puts into his lectures.
Wilfred’s style of lecturing he pushes you to your full potential. With a subject that requires much practice for success he ensures that you get all the practice you need in order to get good results. Due to his style of lecturing and humor in the class environment I can also say that my marks improved after attending his lectures.


Cuan Pyoos

After 13 years of not doing accounting, I was paired up with Hartley and Wilfred as my lecturers, although most people look at account as difficult I found it enjoyable and started to love it.
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With the direction and patience that was given, I was able to get a distinction in both semesters. Thanks to the both of them for helping me find a passion that I never knew existed.


Alex Kind

I went into my first year of accounts simply dreading it as I don’t have a natural aptitude for figures! Hartley changed all that and I found myself becoming really interested

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and managed to pass first time in both accounts and financial management.
He made our lectures humourous with much friendly banter. He is a brilliant lecturer and I am so glad that I was part of his class, coupled with his famous motto, “You are the best of the best”, he will be greatly missed at Varsity College.


Ferosa Fanie

The classes were very helpful, in fact the only way I could pass first time around was attending those classes. I was willing to come all the way from Strand every week to attend.

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Individual attention is given where needed and even after class questions were attended to.
I big thank you to Hartley and Wilfred for their services and friendliness. They really saved me time and money.


Liezel Makatees

I have started studying this year for the first time after I left school. I have always worked in retail and now I am at management level. I decided to start studying Bcom Management at UNISA.

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Having had no business subjects at school it was hard for me. In the second semester I took accounting (FAC 150) and walking into Wilfred Lesch Class I knew I would enjoy it. He has the passion for the subject which not all people can portray and carry over. Before I registered for the second semester subjects I done some research on him and everybody who I asked said if I get lectured by him I will pass the subject.
Hartley is the most passionate lecturer I have met. When he teaches its like he gives life and energy to it. I enjoyed the booster classes with him .He kept us pumping for the 4 hours and I enjoyed every minute. There was never a dull moment


Liezel Steyn.

My name is Liezel and I just finished my first year of the Bachelor of Accounting Science Degree. I study part time and wok full time and was therefore a bit unsure as to what Unisa had in store for me with this degree.
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I absolutely despised accounting in school and took a big risk in deciding to pursue an accounting degree.
I decided to enrol for the tutorial classes with Mr Lesch. From the 1st class he’s teaching was absolutely astounding. I attended all his classes throughout the entire year. I met Hartley at the Sunday Booster classes. And sure it is difficult to study and work on a weekend as well, but Hartley made it worthwhile.
I did not receive any results below 80% for any of the accounting subjects presented by Mr Lesch and Hartley and therefore I would like to thank them both for their time, effort and the passion they have for teaching and also for embracing and motivating us to work harder.
Thank you once again.


Louise Mostert

I just want to say a huge thank you to you and the team at Varsity Tutors. I am graduating on 13 June 2017 and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. All your patience and guidance these past couple
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of years has meant more than you know.
Your subject knowledge and teaching abilities are top notch and I don’t even hesitate recommending Varsity Tutors to fellow students.

Janine Bloomer

In 2012 I embarked on completing my degree and was told about Varsity Tutors by a colleague. This was the best decision I made in my study career as Varsity Tutors
helped me to conquer my Bcom Degree
[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less…”] while working fulltime. I am so grateful to Santino, Wilfred
and the late Hartley for all the patience dedication and guidance
they gave me in studying towards my degree. Varsity Tutors helped
me achieve results I never dreamed of.

Mandy Blignaut

I started my B.Compt. journey at Varsity Tutors in February 2012. Wilfred Lesch, Santino Luiz, Hartley Dafel and Joylene Struthers were amazing. They went out of their way to make the students feel
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They are truly professional and experienced educators. They made my fellow students and I feel like family.
I am proud to say that with the assistance of Varsity tutors I successfully completed my B.Compt. degree in 2014. Wilfred Lesch and Santino Luiz have an open door policy and are always willing to listen to the needs of their students.
I can readily recommend Varsity Tutors to any student wishing to pursue a degree in commerce. Varsity tutors will definitely not disappoint.

I wish Varsity Tutors well in all their endeavours

Simone Scholtz

During my second year I started attending class at Varsity Tutors for FAC2602, after my second attempt on my own and failing miserably I went to Varsity Tutors and passed with a distinction
[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less…”]. I then decided to attempt to complete 6 third year subjects (FAC3701, FAC3702, FAC3703, FAC3704, AUE3701 and AUE3702) all in one semester, it
seemed impossible at the time but to be able to qualify for CTA level 2 I had no choice.
I am proud to say that I passed all 6 subjects on the first try and got distinctions for FAC 3701 and FAC3703.

Being a part-time students is hard, I think everyone doing this knows but the with Varsity Tutors the classes force you to study which helps a lot and being able to ask a question when you do not understand something is really amazing.

I am currently doing my honours also through them and have recommended them
numerous times as the lecturers are amazing in what they do.


Kate De Jong

I started at VT straight out of fashion school with less than zero accounting experience. Wilfred himself taught me the building blocks and laid the rich ground work which resulted in my success today.
[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less…”]I am so grateful for Santino’s help in management accounting and the late Hartley’s assistance in achieving 100%
in 2nd year university mathematics, a vast improvement from my 20 odd percent I received in matric.
Thanks to determination, hard work and everyone at VT I came 14th in the country for honours in accounting and received numerous distinctions throughout my degrees which led me here.
Warm regards,

Shayna Arendse

Feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and hopeless? These were feelings I felt until I was introduced to Varsity Tutors. Financial accounting and Management accounting made fun, easy and most importantly understandable.
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Their lecturers are experienced, well rounded and always challenging their students to work hard. A study environment that is friendly, helpful and fun. Value for money equals doing things once. Thank you Varsity Tutors for making me enjoy my studies once again.

Tershia Maharaj

Varsity Tutors (VT) has built my confidence in terms of studying towards a CA (SA) qualification. Before I attended their classes, I was struggling on my own with regards to UNISA’s study guides.
[read more=”Read more ” less=”Read less…”] VT has summarised the study guides, as well as alleviated the costs of me having to buy the textbooks which are really expensive. The lecturers have helped with each assignment which contributed towards me achieving a high year mark, which in turn has helped me receive distinctions on many occasions. Mr Lesch and Santino were both very instrumental in the enjoyment of my studies and helped equip me with a positive attitude. Feedback on any aspect, whether it be on a lecturer or the course content, is received with a very welcoming tone. I would recommend attending both classes and boosters, as these were both detrimental to my success at VT. The fee is well worth it and I truly would not have been able to obtain my degree without them.

Sinead Du Plessis

My first time at Varsity Tutors was for a FAC3701 booster class that was honestly intimidating at first due to Santino’s lecturing pace, but leaving that four-hour class (and the next three after that)
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I had absorbed so much more knowledge than what I would have on my own and passed the module well.
I am back this semester and attending part-time lectures and boosters for four modules, namely FAC3702, FAC3703, MAC2602 and MAC3701.
The volume of information is so much and I would never be able to get through it without Santino (lecturer for FAC3702 and both MAC modules) and Nic (FAC3703). These lecturers are highly proficient and excellent at what they do. They have methods you would never think of on your own and are always accommodating and ready to answer any queries you may have related to the course.
The classes are extremely helpful and the exam techniques taught is priceless. I am more motivated and confident in my studies after each class I attend and I have no doubt that I will pass all modules taken this and next semester with the help of Varsity Tutors.
I appreciate these lectures so much and will certainly be back for CTA next year!


Hantie De Wet

I would not know where to start to express the gratitude that I have for Wilfred Lesch and Santino Luiz, for the amazing gift of education that they have provided me, on the road towards completing my degree.
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I heard about Varsity Tutors through word of mouth. My first class was given by Wilfred Lesch. There and then my love for accounting blossomed!

Second year came around and that was when I had my first class by SantinoLuiz. Santino has the ability to make a complex subject easy to understand.

I am ever thankful to the Varsity Tutors team and would refer them in a heartbeat!

Hantie de Wet


Naomi Chirwa

I struggled with Fac3704 aka group statements in my undergraduate studies.
It was until a friend told me about varsity tutors that I joined their classes. I passed that very year.
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The tutors were friendly and qualified.
Always ready to help

Fawwaz Gasant

I’ve heard the role of a lecturer is critical in keeping students engaged and holding their interest and attention to the topic at hand. Doing my degree long distance and completing two years on my
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own I had a different experience. That’s where Varsity Tutors came in where they essentially filled the gap and I honestly wish I joined them sooner.

I was for the most part struggling as I was working and therefore had to fit whatever time I could into my studies. Varsity Tutors gave me structure in this regard and with Santino lecturing financial and management accounting and Risha lecturing auditing made it that much easier.

I completed my degree and would therefore like to express my sincere gratitude to the team at Varsity Tutors for helping me get through.